Emmy Go was surrounded by the beauty of nature and the dynamism of arts from an early age living in the East Java town of Banyuwangi, Indonesia, close to the island of Bali. She spent her early childhood playing in the padi fields, close to the rivers and the beautiful mountains with her siblings and friends. Her father saw in her a natural talent for drawings and he introduced her to a friend of his in Banyuwangi, the renowned painter Moses Mizdy, who showed to  her the wonderful world of oil paintings for a brief period.

When she married and moved to Papua, the raw natural beauty of the land and landscapes further inspired her to put what she saw on canvas, using  vibrant colors for the landsacpes. As an autodidact, she continued to improve on her paintings. Later, she attended workshops in America by Susan Sarback, School of Light & Color, renowned for her landscapes on light, color, atmosphere and space. She also attended workshop by the renowned Australian painter Colley Whisson at the Grafton Arts Festival, gaining valuable insights into his sophisticated painting style.

Emmy says :”I translate the beauty of nature on canvas using powerful strokes and balanced with vibrant and sweet colors.”  And she shares her passion by participating in various exhibitions , domestic and international. Kompas, Indonesian leading and most credible daily newspaper, recently highlighted her works and landscape paintings.




Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia










Ikatan Wanita Pelukis Indonesia – The Indonesian Women Painters Association